Bamboo Removal Service

Bamboo removal service with Lifetime Guarantee. NJ Bamboo is the most experienced bamboo removal company in New Jersey with over 500 successful removal and containment jobs since 2011.

Our bamboo removal service and lifetime guarantee comply with all municipal bamboo ordinances in NJ, PA, NY, DE and CT. Schedule your free on-site consultation today.

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Bamboo Removal Lifetime Guarantee

Bamboo removal is a specialized service that demands years of experience learning and reworking the removal and maintenance approach to completely eradicate bamboo. At NJ Bamboo we have seen every shape and size of bamboo occupying the tightest of spaces between houses to forests of bamboo in open fields. We have worked with towns, housing associations, realtors, homeowners insurance companies, residential and commercial clients to provide the highest level of professional service. Call today to setup a free on-site evaluation and lock in you lifetime guaranteed bamboo removal.

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